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What is Ghostwriting?

Written by Matthew Murray

Ghostwriting is the act of writing as a representative of another writer. The public believes that you produced the content, when in fact, it was actually made by another individual.

Ghostwriters don’t receive credit for their work. They charge a premium for their high-quality professional writing.

Ghostwriters write for people who don’t have the time or skills to bring their idea or lived experience to life on the page.

These are some of the types of projects that cater to ghostwriters: Web Pages, Blog Posts, eBooks, Books, Case Studies, White Papers, Social Media Content, Email Newsletters

Besides turning your blog into a long-form book, ghostwriters can also help you write the content for your blog or any other short-form content that you may be too busy to write yourself or want to make sure it gets written correctly.

Ghostwriters research, plan, and churn out numerous posts on subjects that appeal to the audience, a model used by many businesses to run corporate blogs.

Ghostwriters work away from the spotlight to bring other people’s ideas to life.

Struggling to write a book, a blog post, or anything else involving words? Your solution might be to hire a ghostwriter, someone who has the writing chops to turn your ideas into reality but who prefers to work in the shadows.

Ghostwriters make more money than other types of freelancers. They get to work with a myriad of clients on engaging subjects.

Hiring a ghostwriter is a completely practical choice if you have insights to share with the world but don’t have the skills to translate them into words.

Ghostwriters can be a very lucrative path for writers. Businesses can benefit from hiring ghostwriters as they are experienced in generating results like sales, leads, and traffic.

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